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At Randy’s Window Cleaning, we aim to stay up-to-date with the latest technology the window cleaning industry has to offer. Our latest high-tech equipment is the water-fed pole system, which allows us to clean your windows more effectively and provide better quality. The water-fed pole system also allows us to clean hard-to-reach places that may otherwise be dangerous or hard for us to notice dirt or smudges.

Using advanced technology for better service

We've been providing high-quality window cleaning services using the latest technologies for more than 35 years. We offer great warranties and fair pricing!

We’re always working to improve our services. In addition to staying up to date on window cleaning technology, we’re known for our superb customer service and professionalism.


Excellent service and professionalism

Our water-fed pole cleaning system benefits the look of your windows, no matter what type of facility you have cleaned. We clean windows in residential homes, churches, hair salons, personal offices, public venues, apartment complexes, office buildings, retail spaces, veterinary facilities, and more. We also offer siding cleaning, chandelier and light fixture cleaning. Ask about our green cleaning options.

Exceeding your window cleaning expectations

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